Rewire Automation opened for Business in the Fall of 2000.  After 5 years in 2005 the company moved into the Brampton building located at 18 Bram Court, Brampton. This building provided some office space and allowed the company to design, build and test specialized machine control systems. 
At our Brampton Facility we build Electrical Control Panels either from our design or yours. Small or Large we have no preference other than doing a quality job.
We can provide start-up and testing services. And we also have a Volume assembly facility (>2500 Sq.Ft) in Barrie, Ontario for our really large control systems. Here we can assemble large control systems to machinery before it is shipped to the customers site.
Corma Corrigator5340
Spinning Strander
Rewire's strong background in rotating equipment has allowed us to work hand in hand with several machine builders in the Toronto Region. Our Innovative solutions have always brought practical cost saving ideas to the design stages of any machine we get involved in.
If success is in your first thought, we take it to a whole another level: Commitment, Integrity, on-Time and on-Budget.
Our commitment to you the Client: What is your innovation stays with you we do not share ideas with other customers. Corporate Ideas stay with you.
On-time means we deliver when we say we do, if we cannot meet your time line we will say so before the project even starts.

secondlanding gear
At Rewire we get involved with some very large equipment. We have worked on 300 HP Wire Rod Mills to 500 HP Extruders. If upgrading your equipment is something that you want to do we want to be there with you. Our success rate is 100%. Failure is not an option.
We work on machines that have to work continuously 24/7 and on machines that work until they break. If your design has a speed regulated motor we know how to make it work.

Large Drive Commissioning
   Rewire Automation is involved with Electrical:
Electrical Schematic Conversions
31foot reel
The founder of Rewire Automation Mr. Nieuwenhuysen had his working Career at Ceeco Machinery between 1990 to 1999. The projects that he was involved with so large that they could not be commissioned in Toronto. During the commissioning of these large projects Mr. Nieuwenhuysen had to find unique and simple solutions to some of the most demanding control system problems. Let my Electrical Control System knowledge work for you. No project is too small no project is too large. We hope to hear from you soon.