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500 Amp Stack
Finding a company that Understands Extrusion Control requirements requires a dedicated company that has some history with the equipment. Rewire Automation has been working with Extrusion Companies & User's for the past 20 Years.


500 Amp Extruder Main Drive Panel, Eurotherm 590+ (Northern)
Back in 1980 we started building Extrusion Enclosures. We were one of the first system houses in the Toronto Area that utilized the  570 Digital Drives manufactured then by an English Company named Shackleton System Drives (SSD later becoming Eurotherm Drives). The 570 Drive series was the replacement for the SSD 540 and 545 Analog series drives.
extrusion line
This enclosure was manufactured for
 Canada Wire in Rexdale, Ontario.
Extrusion Line
Several lines were build using the Eurotherm 590 DC drives. The customer requested the Allen Bradley PLC-5. The operator interface was a 20" SONY® Touchscreen. The hardware started to become apparent, Eurotherm for motor control and Allen Bradley for Logic and process Control.
This enclosure was manufactured for
 Alcatel, Chester, New York
Northern Operator inteface 2
Northern Operator Interface3
Custom metal work created custom enclosures for this extruder. 27 buttons, 8 instruments, diameter measuring system. A 15" Xycom Touchscreen with Wonderware for extruder controls. It became evident shortly after this project was started that duplicating operator buttons was an un-necessary expense as without the Xycom Touchscreen this line cannot function.
Ralston Metalworks Operator Interface Enclosure (Northern)

<span >Recent trends that have occurred is to utilize Vector Drive Technology. These Vector drives are capable of running directly on three phase power and producing equivalent motor torques as DC motor's.

AC Technology is a cleaner and more energy efficient mode of converting AC power into an usable mechanical Force. Gone are the days of Slipring / Brush  maintenance and motor's are simpler to rewind. The overall cost is comparable to the DC model's especially in the higher horsepower.

PLC 1769 L35E
Left: 300 HP SSD (Eurotherm) 690+ AC Vector Drive
Bottom: 1769-L35E AB Processor
Inoex Mass Controller
We have also installed Mass weight systems for Inoex. Complete PLC interfacing to the Extrusion Line. The benefit is that you control the amount of compound per given length. No more operator modification.
Inoex simulator note: Profibus Cabeling