Inside Cradle Box,
Note: The addition of the Allen Bradley R- I/O Brick
slip rings
cradle box
The following photographs were taken in the summer of 2007. These photos show the complexity of a Slipring Assembly from a major vendor. Rewire Automation was contracted to modify this assembly. What we offered was to provide 3 spare commutators. All high voltage wiring (300 VDC or greater)was moved away from the carbon brush supports. The original vendor had placed high voltage wiring near steel brush supports and this caused periodical DC Arc Flashovers.
These Arc flashovers did two things, one the loss of 3 production days which consisted of Slipring rebuild time and the replacement of the destroyed DC drive that shorted our through the steel supports which had to be repaired / replaced.
Overview of the Outer slipring assembly,
Note: The three spare Commutators in the middle.
Inner slipring Assembly
Note: Low voltage wiring bear brush assembly holders.
These photos are of un-completed work
(work is still in progress)
inside 2
This Photo shows the outer slipring wire connections.
Note: The Bolted Wiring.
This photo shows the inner and outer slipring termination. Note: The wire crossover.
inside end
outside end.jpg